Legendary Peter Hook Records Spotify Ad @ Astar

Iconic Joy Division and New Order Bassist Peter Hook has recorded a new Spotify audio ad at Astar Studios for a month long campaign to promote Yamaha’s groundbreaking new THR desktop guitar amplifiers. Currently touring Europe with ‘Peter Hook and The Light’, Hooky has been playing Yamaha for around 40 years with his legendary Yamaha BB1200 Bass accompanying him on every tour and featuring on every Joy Division and New Order recording. Peter even brought his BB1200 to the studio to plug into Yamaha’s latest THR technology, along with his new Yamaha BB2024X bass.

Hooky received a warm welcome and shared some laughs with Astar’s producer owner Andy Ross, pictured below. The ad goes live around 16th April. 

For any guitarists reading this, you should seriously check out this amazing THR amp that opens up new opportunities for practice and is supported by a brilliant new free app from Yamaha.